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Q. - Is the current version of HKMJ compatible with Windows 8.1 and 10?

A. - Yes.

Q. - I have Windows 8.1 or 10 and HKMJ doesn't fit my screen even though it should. What can I do?

A. - Go to the HKMJ folder under Program Files. Find the EXE file. Right-click on it and choose the Properties menu. Click on the Compatibility tab. Check the box for ‘Disable display scaling on high DPI settings’.

Q. - I'm having a problem installing an older version of HKMJ onto my Vista/Win7/Win8 computer. Any tips?

A. - In some cases you will need to install your (very) old version of HKMJ onto a computer running an older 32-bit version of Windows, then copy the HKMJ folder to the new PC using a CD-R or USB memory stick.

Q. - I have a "widescreen" display. Which version of HKMJ should I install?

A. - Display sizes are described as "width" times "height". You should install the version of HKMJ that is equal to or smaller than BOTH the width and height of your display. For example, if your display is 1440x900, you cannot run the 1280x1024 version; it is too tall for your screen. You should install the 1024x768 program.

Q. - How do I quit the game and retain the ability to resume that particular game at a later date. When I exit, and come back later, I find that I am beginning a brand new game.

A. - It is important that you exit a game by clicking on "Quit" at the end of the hand, or from the Claim menu, or from the Pick menu. Then exit the outer program by selecting File / Exit. If you just click on the red X then your score will be saved but the game status will not be saved.

Q. - The game is slow! Why is there so much delay between each tile discard?

A. - The delay is adjustable by the Speed control on the top menu. The best way to play is to set the Speed control so that the delay is about 5 or 6 seconds. That should be enough time to decide if you want to claim the discarded tile. As you play the hand, use your RIGHT mouse button to cancel the delay as soon as you decide you don't want the tile. This allows you to play very quickly and still have time to make a decision. If you click the LEFT mouse button during the delay, the menu box for Chow, Pong, Kong, and Win pops up. Now you can spend all day deciding what to do. If you decide not to claim the tile, just click your RIGHT mouse button to release the menu and the discarded tile.

Q. - How do I make the program Chow the way that I want?

A. - When you click on the Claim menu to make a Chow, the Chow menu has a button marked "Next". If there is more than one way to arrange the Chow, then this button will be active. Clicking on it will cycle endlessly through the available combinations. You can see the highlighting of the potential tiles in your hand.

Note: If the tile is thrown by Lower or Opposite, you are not able to claim it. That is the rule in all forms of mahjong. Also, for tiles that are already in your hand, you may only make a Kong. There is no need to lay down a Chow. It will be counted if and when you declare Mahjong ("Win").

Q. - Is there a version of HKMJ for the Mac, for iPad, for Android?

A. - Sorry, no.



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